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🌳 What is Nature Carbon Ton (NCT)?

NCT is a new carbon token in the Cosmos ecosystem. It is backed 1:1 by carbon credits originally issued by Verra, a global leader in the voluntary carbon market.

These carbon credits adhere to both Verra’s Verified Carbon Standard and the NCT standard created by Toucan Protocol in consultation with Regen Network, Moss and BICOWG. These credits were tokenized onto the blockchain by Toucan Protocol. NCT is bridged from Polygon to Regen Network via a two-way bridge engineered by Toucan Protocol and Regen Network.

NCT, unlike native Regen Registry credits, represent carbon credits produced in the legacy carbon market through the Verra registry. Regen Registry credits are produced through the rigorous on-chain process you learn more about in the Registry Program Guide. Also available in Regen Marketplace are City Forest Credits in which the City Forest Credits Registry partnered to bring their carbon credits on-chain in the first ever “registry to blockchain” two-way bridge experiment.

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🏞 NCT Token Standard

Nature Carbon Ton tokens have verified ecological benefits, positively affecting our environment from local to global scales.

These fungible carbon tokens represent a variety of nature-based methodologies to reduce, remove, or avoid carbon emissions. View a full list of approved methodologies here. NCT carbon credits must have been minted in 2013 or later, with a 10-year rolling acceptance window. You can find out more about NCT by viewing the Credit Class page on the Regen Marketplace website.

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