<aside> 🥼 DeSci Development and Resources


Our initial draft white paper for DeSci:

Click here to read our ideas about use cases for a DeSci community

DeSci Meetings:

Videos from DeSci Berlin 23-24 May 2022: https://www.desci.berlin/

Resources from DeSci EthDenver February 2022: https://opscientia.notion.site/DeSci-EthDenver-21-c74fc532cccc4979b9cf7977b4ee17ea

DeSci Day Eth Amserdam 20 April 2022: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01RUsvDZQQY

Some DeSci Organizations:

RnDAO – a research DAO  (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb3wwV0kxrFs1kpQTWL2g9Q/about)

DeSci World  - They are working on their own project (mostly around NFTs?) but much of what gets posted on Discord is about other projects   (https://desci.world/)

OpSci DAO – Working on some interesting DeSci tools. These folks seem to be doing serious work developing DeSci tools. (https://opsci.io/)

DeSci Alliance – Have a news feed bot (https://mobile.twitter.com/descialliance)

DeSci Labs - Very active in the community and working on infrastructure (ArcSci and DeSci Nodes) to support DeSci ideas. (https://desci.com/)

DeSci Foundation / DeSci Labs Product Community – Some relatively high profile partners and they have a weekly DeSci community update   (https://descifoundation.org/)

Lab DAO – Working on a community-run  network of labs  (https://www.labdao.xyz/)

The Science Commons Initiative – Not very active but keeping an eye on it  (https://thesciencecommons.org/aboutus/)

Smart Contract Research Forum - This group is active in the DsSci space without explicitly admitting they’re a DeSci organization. I think they’re based in The Netherlands. (https://www.smartcontractresearch.org/)